Four Stories is an award-winning literary series founded in 2005 by the writer Tracy Slater to bridge Greater Boston’s nightlife and arts communities. Each event takes place in a club, bar, or lounge, and features some of the most acclaimed authors in the nation, all reading their work under a unified theme. In 2006, the series expanded to Japan, with events in both Tokyo and Osaka.

The idea: to bring writers and readers, intellectuals and club-goers, friends and interested people together in a more upscale environment than a bookstore, to think, drink, eat, talk, laugh, hear stories, trade tales. It's simple, amusing, thought-provoking, free for entry, and open to the public.

The experience: like a 19th-Century salon, only 150 years later―same socializing, same witty banter, corsets optional.

The Four Stories style of literary investigation: ask the best question; win a free drink!

Currently, Four Stories Boston is being run by the devastatingly sexy trio of Sari BorenSteven Beeber and Steve Brykman, and Four Stories Tokyo by (the equally sexy) Marc Kaufman.